Saturday, March 10, 2012


moving on to city themes..
I'm starting to realize ratios like these are hard to organize on a tabloid page..I think either wide or or taller images are easier to layout. Oh well.. :p

Going through my portfolio with Bridgette I realized I needed to learn the importance of always having something you want to say, a strong statement in a drawing.. I think the bottom one I wanted to say a normal day in a park, which was not interesting enough at all. Jin Yeol recommended me to place the couple and use the previous drawing as a backdrop to have main characters and more narrative. I think it could correct a lot of things I do always having this in mind. 

It doesn't feel organized.. hmm
and I just realized all people are wearing clothes for different weathers. need to fix.. :(

need to redraw these..
Still not happy with the girl's face. :(

I kinda like how the line feels energetic(?).... but other things like shape and stuff.. meh. :p
maybe the face is too smooshed together. hard to read
the left one is the early take.. and on the right I tried to finish it with more line work.
I get the feeling I always lose lots of stuff in the redrawing process, so I think I wanted to be more careful on redrawing this one especially on the face.. 
added legs in the foreground for more mood. I dunno I think it looks more complete this way flipping it back and forth
added some rough drawings for the homeless character


  1. I looove the third drawing! So much character!

  2. I'm going to stick a straw in your head and suck out all your mad skills
    you don't mind