Wednesday, February 29, 2012

more things in progress..

trying to organize things a bit more..
trying to figure out a way to color it.. :(

I just couldn't shake off the feeling the first one being too generic looking.. So I'm trying to draw with more scribbly lines.. If it feels better maybe I'll want to redo the one below this too.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

coloring it

(finished : I think the colors being too light makes it feel shallow)
(trying with the lasso tool : I didn't think it worked on this drawing..)

The perspective still feels wrong. I think I especially messed up where the back of the bed meets the wall. :(

*Things to try more next time : new ways to color and draw.. a layout with more depth that has correct perspective..

I think it's done... for now..

I'm going to try to color it tomorrow.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

city theme ideas

so much more.. to finish..

jungle theme ideas

so much to finish..

Phil said leaving something that you're working on in the middle of the progress makes it a lot easier to come back to, as it is always so much harder to start with a blank space. I had that feeling all the time.. so I tried to make unfinished things as much as possible. It's not even worth calling them unfinished drawings but it feels better knowing I'll always have stuff to come back and finish,

revisiting previous drawings 02

(drawings to color)

(color layouts??)


Thumbnails for reworking the jungle themed drawing. I tried to break it into two parts hoping it could work more effectively as a layout and sort of have a "before and after" effect.

revisiting previous drawings 01

I wanted to incorporate more line of action to the previous drawing, but it wasn't successful at all! XD

Phil's advice was that the volumes are too even compared to the last one, and too much emphasis on the line of action made it have less of an "organic" feel to it. Making it stiff and weird. Also, the silhouette of the servant reads better on the first one.

I think most of the times, when I redraw something it ends up losing a lot of what the one before had..

Friday, February 24, 2012

things I'm working on 03

The frog looks nothing like what would live in a jungle. I need to look up some jungle frogs.

things I'm working on 02 (in progress..)

(almost finished)
one more comparison/break before finishing it (things to fix : 1. the bed feels wonky 2. still need to fix the left servant guy)

My friends pointed out that the mother seemed like she was dead, and that she actually looked like the father's daughter. It really seemed like that. So I tried to fix it. And I think the servant on the left should be doing something else.. my thought was to have him note her conditions, but it doesn't seem to work.

I wanted to give it a bit more push from the early attempt... but somehow I like the first one better. I dunno.. I think it was more carefully drawn compared to the later one even if it looks too generic, and the larger ceiling of the bed makes the composition more solid. Plus, the characters although stiff looking, work as columns pointing upwards, and them being more closer to each other as a block, works better with the bed and the overall composition. I think these things make the first one a bit more appealing to me. I should try to fix it.

(Woah! it's fun to scroll back and forth while viewing the images! It's easier to compare the drawings too.)

(Also, it's really funny I decided to add the baby while working on it. I can actually see the mother's stomach get smaller while scrolling as if she's giving birth. hahaha. -_-)

things I'm working on 01

It's embarrassing, but I never knew I could color something with a lasso tool. Ian Worrel gave us a lecture for this week's character design class, and gave us a demo in the labs.

I tried to make an attempt.. since I always wanted to figure out an effective way to color my drawings. My attempt is horrible, but I want to get used to it.

I also don't like the drawing itself... I think I need more push to the character, and add a background that fits the mood. Maybe add a dog or a cat too. :P

Thursday, February 16, 2012

even more roughs

Phil told me to draw the other arm and make the face read better.

the pose looks very stiff