Friday, February 24, 2012

things I'm working on 02 (in progress..)

(almost finished)
one more comparison/break before finishing it (things to fix : 1. the bed feels wonky 2. still need to fix the left servant guy)

My friends pointed out that the mother seemed like she was dead, and that she actually looked like the father's daughter. It really seemed like that. So I tried to fix it. And I think the servant on the left should be doing something else.. my thought was to have him note her conditions, but it doesn't seem to work.

I wanted to give it a bit more push from the early attempt... but somehow I like the first one better. I dunno.. I think it was more carefully drawn compared to the later one even if it looks too generic, and the larger ceiling of the bed makes the composition more solid. Plus, the characters although stiff looking, work as columns pointing upwards, and them being more closer to each other as a block, works better with the bed and the overall composition. I think these things make the first one a bit more appealing to me. I should try to fix it.

(Woah! it's fun to scroll back and forth while viewing the images! It's easier to compare the drawings too.)

(Also, it's really funny I decided to add the baby while working on it. I can actually see the mother's stomach get smaller while scrolling as if she's giving birth. hahaha. -_-)

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